How many numbers on a roulette wheel

Contrary to what many think roulette is not always the same game. Depending on where in the world you encounter this thrilling casino game you will notice that something is different. When it comes to how many numbers are in a roulette wheel there is a slight difference whether you play at an American casino or a European casino.

This difference will obviously also affect how many numbers are on a roulette table. Another difference is how the numbers affect the odds. In this article we’ll provide you all the information you need to be able to navigate the different roulette tables and thereby give a better chance of winning.

european roulette table

Numbers on the European roulette table

The European version of roulette, also known as traditional roulette, is among the most widely played casino games globally. Central to the game is the roulette wheel, which in the European variant features a total of 37 pockets. These are numbered from 0 to 36. The presence of the single zero pocket gives the house a slight edge, with the odds of winning a straight bet being 1 in 37.

Players often prefer the European roulette due to its lower house edge compared to the American version, which features an additional '00' pocket, affecting odds and payouts. Understanding the number distribution on the European roulette wheel is crucial for players when playing roulette and planning their betting strategies, as it influences the probability of specific outcomes.

american roulette table

Numbers on the American roulette table

The American roulette table differs notably from its European counterpart due to the presence of an extra number on the wheel. In total, the American roulette wheel features 38 pockets, as opposed to the European version's 37. These pockets include numbers 1 through 36, which alternate in a non-sequential pattern between red and black, similar to the European layout. However, the key distinction is the inclusion of a ‘0' and a '00' pocket, both colored green, giving the game a higher house edge.

The presence of the '00' pocket in the American version affects the roulette odds significantly. While single number bets in European roulette offer a 1 in 37 chance of winning, the odds in American roulette decrease to 1 in 38, increasing the house edge. This characteristic is essential for players to understand as it impacts betting strategies and potential payouts in the game of American roulette.

Where to play the different roulette tables

Beside traditional brick casinos, online casinos are a popular choice. These platforms allows players to access both European and American roulette from their computers or mobile devices.

Whether you prefer to play Ethereum roulette, Bitcoin roulette or online casinos that supports fiat currencies they will most likely offer both the European version and the American version.

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