Best Crypto Casinos for 2024

You get:
100% deposit bonus up to $1,000 + 50 free spins


You get:
270% deposit bonus up to $20,000


You get:
100% deposit bonus up to 500 EUR
Daily Giveaways & Cashback, and if you manage to join their VIP Club, you can expect to get even more lucrative bonuses


You get:
200 Free Spins
For Wagering 5 mBTC


You get:

$0.02 BTC No Deposit Bonus + 150% deposit bonus up to $1,050


You get:
Exclusive bonuses by joining their VIP Club


You get:
300 Wager-free Bonus Spins


You get:
100% deposit bonus up to $5,000 + 80 FREE SPINS


You get:
200% deposit bonus up to €300


You get:
100% Deposit Bonus up to €/$300 + 100 Free Spins


Gamble to win in the best crypto casinos

If you happen to know a thing or two about gambling, you know you have to take some risk to gain some money. In that sense, crypto investors are also gamblers, at least until crypto currencies go mainstream. And day by more and more traditional financial institutions are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as major financial instruments. Thus, if you understand anything about personal finance and investment, you too should jump on the bandwagon right away. 

Gambling with crypto currency is better than fiat money gambling in more ways than you can imagine. Bitcoin and Ethereum are on a steady appreciation for some years now. Every now and then they are touching new heights, outperforming the share market even. And while the return on the stable cryptos like BTC and ETH are reasonably high, some coins like Dogecoin and now Shiba Inu are giving astronomical returns. 

In fiat money, there is no money appreciation in the very short term. But the cryptocurrencies are giving you returns even when you are playing. They are giving returns even when you have deposited them in the casinos. The value appreciations will be visible once you withdraw your cryptos back in your wallet and in your respective bank accounts. 

Advantages of Crypto casinos

While cryptocurrencies trump fiat money in every aspect of the financial parameters, there are some benefits which far outweigh the others. And in a gambling context, in these parameters, fiat money is not even a comparison. We have discussed the parameters, which gives the cryptocurrencies all their glory in a casino. Evidently, they make them the obvious choice while you are gambling.

Universal access

While some cities’ laws are conducive to gambling and casinos, other cities just don’t have gambling facilities. While these countries do not outright ban casinos, they just don’t have them. So, their currencies are not supported in online casinos.

But, in case of cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t matter where you are from. If your country doesn’t outright ban cryptos or gambling, you can play in the crypto casinos from anywhere in the world. This universal approach makes the cryptocasinos more appealing to the common mass. Wherever you are, you can create a crypto wallet, buy some crypto coins and deposit them in your wallet. There are always ways you can buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat money in the crypto exchanges. And if that is a difficult in case of your country, you can opt for peer to peer crypto exchange. So, it accessible from anywhere but it is your duty to desist yourself if cryptos are banned in your country. 

Privacy and security

Cryptos offer far more security and privacy for your money holding. You cannot put money in bank without verifying your documents first. But, with cryptocurrencies, you can just create a wallet with or without giving your documents and identity. You can put any kind of crypto currency in that wallet and transfer that to any other wallet. The top wallet companies provide enough security for your crypto holdings. However, the currencies themselves cannot be hacked. If you can give your wallet enough ecurity, they will be safe or you can store them in your hardware. 

You can transfer the coins from one wallet to any other wallet belonging to any person. Although some information is stored in the coins itself (with blockchain technology), the transfer pathways cannot be tracked.  So, if you gamble your money in crypto casinos, no one is going to trace your money activities, not even IRS. 

Zero fees

The crypto casinos do not charge you money from deposit as well as withdrawal. So you don’t have to worry about payment processing charge as well as any charge for middleman. 

That is why the payment processes are instantaneous. The deposit as well as withdrawal is lightning fast and you don’t need to worry about any kind of middleman. Your total deposit stays intact and you can transact practically unlimited times. 

Lighting fast transfers

As transfer of coins doesn’t have any kind of processing fee or commission, the payment takes place instantaneously. So, if you want to play for even some minutes, you don’t have to worry about time while depositing coins. 

Promotional offers

The crypto casinos always offer different kinds of bonus payments as well as free spins. They can be part of welcome bonus or reward to loyal players. The bonus offers usually need some initial deposit. However, there are some crypto casinos which don’t need any kind of deposit bonus. So, if you deposit more, you get more bonuses. These bonuses hold some kind of wagering requirement so that you can’t withdraw the bonus into your wallet right away. 

How to find the best Crypto casinos

Your chances of winning as well as how you enjoy your casino games depend on where you are playing. That is why it is very important that you play only in the best and trusted casinos. Finding the best crypto casino can be complex at times. You have to consider a lot of parameters before you can come to the conclusion. And any mistake in considering all the factors can result in your loss of cryptocurrencies. So make sure you check for the below qualities before you start playing in a particular crypto casino. 

Trust and authenticity

One of the foremost requirements for the crypto casino is that they should be authentic and trusted. There will be always some scams who will try to hack or extract cryptocurrencies from you by any means. To avoid those scams, make sure you find the trusted casinos only. 

How do you know whether they are trusted?

The top genuine crypto casinos have communities of their own. You can go to the communities, check the casino’s reviews and other discussions. Following those will give you a pretty good idea. Check how quickly they release the payments and whether anyone had any unpleasant experience with them. If all these checks out to be pretty good, the crypto casino is genuine and you can play there worry-free.

Compare privacy

Some crypto casinos ask for your identity proof while you sign up to stay clear to the tax authorities. But some top casinos do not need all these formalities. If you don’t want to disclose your crypto dealings, do opt for casinos where these documents are not required. These casinos usually need only the wallet address so that the payments can through either way. 

Moreover, check whether the crypto casino serve any particular geographic area. Make sure your area is served. But, most of the crypto casino work from anywhere without any geographic restriction. So the good news is you can use most of the top crypto casinos without hassle, wherever you are playing from.

House edge

The house edge makes or breaks a casino. If the house edge is higher, you will have less chance of winning. So, most of the players will not prefer to play at that particular casino.  If there is no house edge, the casino will be loss making in the long run. So, a little house edge is kept, to keep gamblers happy. 

The crypto casinos have a competitive market. So, you will find a lot of crypto casinos with low house edge. Opt for that casino which has one of the lowest house edges, so that your chance of winnings will be higher. 


The crypto casinos give out lucrative bonus deals as part of their welcome bonus. The deposit and non-deposit bonuses sometimes accompany a lot of free spins. The deposit bonuses are the kind of bonuses, which the casino gives out on making your deposit. The first deposit bonus is the maximum one. Also the subsequent deposit bonuses are comparatively less than the first bonus. 

On the other hand, non-deposit bonuses are what the casinos offer you without needing you to make any deposit. However, they all are bound by other constraints so that you cannot withdraw the bonus amount upon receipt. And there are several other considerations for how much bonus you receive. But all things said, opt for the higher bonus offer with similar investment on different casinos.

Wagering requirement

The deposit and non-deposit bonuses are bound by a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is there to ensure that you will not withdraw the whole money after receiving the bonus. It averages at 30-40 times. More the wagering requirement is, it will be more difficult to withdraw your bonus money. So, look for lesser requirements, so that you can get more liquidity on your bonus funds. 

Minimum deposit requirement

The deposit bonuses come with a minimum deposit requirement. If you deposit something below the minimum deposit requirement, you will not get the bonus and free spins. So, make sure your casino has no or low minimum deposit requirement. On the other hand, they also offer percentage wise bonus. So, you will get more bonuses on more deposit. Don’t deposit unnecessary funds just to get higher bonus. Only invest money, which you can afford to lose. That is first rule in gambling. 

Amount of winnings

As you start wagering your bonus, there will be winnings in some cases. Some casinos put a cap on those winnings to keep your total withdrawal in check. Do check how much the cap on the winnings is. If it is too less, then you will be wasting your time playing with your bonuses. Anything below $0.1 is rubbish. 

So look for crypto casinos where they don’t put a cap on your earnings from the bonus. If you don’t find anything like that, go with the crypto casino which has put the cap much higher than others. 

Time limit

The bonus amount usually comes with fixed time limit. If you don’t wager the bonus by then, it gets deducted. So, after you receive the bonus, start wagering them right away. It is better to lose them in a game than letting it lapse.

Another thing, if you are depositing for a short time, don’t invest too much to get bonuses. The wagering requirement makes it hard to withdraw the bonus amount; at least it takes a lot of time. So, if you don’t want to play that long, only invest what you want to, leave out the bonus. 

Variety of games

If you are spending time in the casino playing games, the games should be good and interesting. So, look for casinos which have more selection of games. Albeit the traditional poker, blackjack and slots will be there, there should be some modern day interesting variants too. Such as the traditional slots only count horizontal match, whereas the variants also consider several patterned matches. So, in modern day versions, your chance of winning is more. 

The more diverse the game collection will be more people will play thereby increasing the chances of more live players in tables.  

In addition, you can play the games with some decoy coins before you wager your real money. So, before wagering, you will get a pretty good idea about which games to play. 

How to start gambling on crypto casinos

If you haven’t played much in casinos chances are it will take some time for you to understand the games. So, first, play the games with the decoy coins until you are ready to play. As you get more comfortable with the games, you will get to understand how much to bet and how you can play better and bet better. 

Once practice is done, create a wallet on any reputed crypto wallet website. Next, you can purchase some bitcoins or Ethereums according to your preference. Then as you choose which coin you want to play with, go to a cryptocurrency exchange. Trade your Bitcoins with your choice of crypto coin and then store them in your wallet again.

Now go to your preferred crypto casino and deposit some coins into the casino. As you sign up, don’t forget to add the coupon code for the bonus. Once that bonus is received, start playing right away.


Is it safe to use cryptocurrencies? 

Cryptocurrencies have been in the market since 2010. And it has steadily gained acceptance and financial inclusion since. With Elon Musk buying Bitcoin and Dogecoin, the popularity soared and more large institutions are saying they can’t ignore it anymore. Evidently, it has made a secure and stable place for itself. So, it will be unwise to say that this may get obsolete overnight. Moreover, some cryptos are giving more than 1000% return in 6 months. This is the time to invest in cryptocurrency. Otherwise, you will have to regret it later. 
About security of the cryptocurrencies, no one can hack the crypto coins. The wallets on the other hand has been hacked a couple of times. And the wallets have since returned most of the cons to customers at their own cost. So, security in any front is not an issue. They are perfectly safe, even more than fiat currency.

What is the best cryptocurrency wallet?

All the top crypto wallets have more or less same offerings and similar degree of security. Binance and Coinbase are the two top wallets with huge market cap. They also have their own cryptocurrency. You can purchase most of the crypto currencies in the top wallets and hold them in your wallet. 

Is gambling on crypto casinos legal?

In most of the countries, crypto gambling is legal. On the other hand, some countries like Pakistan, Iran, and Bangladesh have banned gambling as well as Cryptocurrencies. So, you have to first check your countries’ law. If dealing with cryptocurrency or gambling has been banned in your country, you should refrain from playing. If those are not banned and even if they fall on the grey area of the law, you can easily play with cryptocurrency in the crypto casinos. 
Do understand, it is still unregulated in most countries. So, more governing rules will come into effect. IRS has already advised informing transactions worth more than $ 10,000. And in the future, we expect more such rules will come to regulate cryptocurrencies. These steps may seem like diminishing the value of Cryptos, but these are indeed the first glimpse of actual acceptance. 

Which are the best cryptocurrencies for gambling?

Bitcoin and Ethereum have been there for a long time. All the crypto casinos have them as primary coins. However, their growths have pretty much decreased as they are becoming more stable. In this scenario, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, Monero, and Shiba Inu are reaching astronomical prices every day. Hence, investing and playing with these lesser market cap coins gives you more return than average. 

Last, of all, gambling is a game of risk. Understand your risk appetite first and then deposit that much money in the casino, which you are ready to lose. But do invest in cryptocurrencies or otherwise you will regret it later. Once the chance comes, do take it. Happy gambling!