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CryptoGames Review: Play 9 Games with 10 different currencies including bitcoin 

What is CryptoGames Casino?

For the massive amount of positive response from the digitally advanced crowd, Crypto finance’s influence on the entertainment industry has become more evident with the increasing number of casinos around the internet. Every other day one or the other online-based casino is enabling the use of cryptocurrencies on their websites for complete transactions. Some of them are installing many new methods to prove the hype of cryptocurrencies to be worthy. Cryptocurrency has helped many potential gamblers to spend their crypto funds for endless entertainment at many well-equipped casinos. This review will be of CryptoGames which is a crypto casino that is currently offering various numbers of Cryptocurrencies for their entertaining mediums. Within the last few years, CryptoGames’ updates to build a competent architecture for the website have introduced many components that are different from many other casinos. Within this review, you will find out what players can have in their expectations when they enter CryptoGames. This means all the distinguishable components of CryptoGames will be discussed in the following sections.

CryptoGames Overview

From Curacao, CryptoGames is entertaining the gambling crowd under the maintenance of its owner company, MuchGaming BV. The casino is fully equipped with all kinds of transparent gambling policies. They offer 9 casino games and 10 cryptocurrencies for their use. CryptoGames has made gambling smoothly accessible for everyone on the internet by building a very uncomplicated user interface that can be tested using any smart device. This means, from the comfort of one's home, crypto gambling can be enjoyed through CryptoGames. To offer a simple and sophisticated gambling experience, CryptoGames has created a list of profitable games that are all equally fun to play at any time of the day. The casino has set up modern transaction systems that support popular cryptocurrencies. Its creative security system has been able to provide advanced measures that ensure protection at all costs.  

Trouble-Free and Easy Sign-up

One of the components from the list of services, CryptoGames provides is a simple sign-up process that is equally trouble-free and easy. There is no room for lengthy processing in the system since the procedure takes only a few minutes to be completed. The initial sign-up process allows all players to be involved at the casino without making any final decision. This means, by completing the initial sign-up, players can see the elements of the casino from the inside without having to spend any money. On top of that, there are no mandatory requirements to submit any personal information for the initial sign-up. The casino will ask the players to complete their full registration if they want to use their real funds for any of their games. The procedure requires no more than 2-3 minutes to be done. The complete signup process gets completed with 2 steps, which are:

Step 1. Picking a unique user name that will work as the account name. 

Step 2. Reading and agreeing to all Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti Money Laundering Policy of the casino.

To go to the signup page, new players can navigate the Play Now tab on the homepage. The tab will then direct them to the game, Dice. Once the game pops up, there will be a list of 10 cryptocurrencies. If a player only wants to check out the inside of the casino then they can also choose Play Money as their game currency. Play Money is not a real currency for the games, it is an in-house currency that helps the players to get in-depth knowledge about the games. The initiative is useful for the worldwide players as they can understand which game is the easiest or the trickiest and then make up their mind if they would want to use their cryptocurrencies for the game. If they choose to continue with the Play Money currency, then clicking on it will open up the initial registration section. If a player wants to test out its luck for real then they can also use any of the 10 cryptocurrencies given for the games. 



Available Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At CryptoGames players have the complete privilege to use 2 different transaction systems that take the least amount of time to complete. The effective systems support: 

Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash. 

For these mentioned cryptocurrencies, there is a modern fiat currency deposit system that supports credit cards. Another completely modern transaction method is their crypto exchange system. For enabling fiat currency deposits through a credit card system, CryptoGames offers access to Onramper on their website. Since CryptoGames can't keep all of the cryptocurrencies on the market enabled on their website, they offer modern crypto to crypto exchange systems. Through ChangeNOW, other cryptocurrency users can use any cryptocurrencies of their choice to play at the casino. To do so, they do not have to go through the complicated process of creating multiple exchange addresses or rely on any other crypto exchange websites. For beginners, there is a list of e-wallets recommended by the casino in the FAQ section. Players will also have the access to the regular transaction system at the My Account tab. There they will be able to create Deposit, Withdrawal addresses respectively. They will also be able to find the regular Exchange method that allows players to use any of the available cryptocurrencies on the website for exchange purposes. To make deposits in the regular method, creating a deposit address is all the players have to do. For making deposits of fiat currencies, players have to meet the conditions set by Onramper on their website. And to withdraw rewards, creating withdrawal addresses is again all that is required for the players to do. As far as exchanges go, players get to use both the regular Exchange tab or visit the website of ChangeNow. 

9 Games and Their House Edges

At CryptoGames, there are 9 games in total. All the games reflect their classic versions. The games are kept simple for beginners with no experience of gambling. The following games are always available at the casino: Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker, DiceV2, and Lottery. 

Their house edges: 

Dice- 1.0 % 

DiceV2- 1.0%

Roulette- 2.7% 

Blackjack- 1.25%

Minesweeper- 1.0%

Video Poker [Average]- 2.09% 

Plinko [Average]- 1.72%

Slot- 1.97%

Lottery- 0.0%


Dice comes to the players with great winning possibilities that lie from 0.000 to 99.999. Players get to fulfill the goal of the game by making the right guesses about the rolls. The outcome must be guessed right after the bet has been set up and before the game is finalized. To guess the outcome, two numbers will be displayed to a player. One which will say to roll over and the other which will say roll under. Players will select one number from that and guess whether the outcome will be over the number or under the number.  


Designed to represent a retro casino, the game sticks to the retro version for the outlook. The modern Slot displays a 49.73% winning possibility. For the bet results, 7 combinations are considered for a win. Players can fulfill the goal of the game by landing on any of those combinations. As long as they find the symbols in the middle, they will be good to go. After the player chooses to bet on the game, they will have the chance to use the Auto Bet feature to set up multiple bets according to different conditions. 


The design of Blackjack shows the players a modern version of the game that can be played using easy rules. The players of Blackjack can fulfill the goal of the game by either scoring 21 points from drawing the first two cards or by beating their opponent with less than 21 points. This means, if anyone crosses 21 points then they will lose the game. Blackjack’s rules are simple for all the players. Earning 21 points from the first two cards ends the game there instantly. To earn a reward from the payout table, players get to Split, Surrender, and Double Down their hand (bet). 


CryptoGames’ version of Roulette is presented with an objective that matches the European version of the game. On the other hand, the payout table matches the American variant. CryptoGames’ Roulette is highly entertaining even for inexperienced novice gamblers. Players get to fulfill the main goal of Roulette by stacking up their betting chips on the possibly correct spots. This means, if they can place their chips in the correct places at the betting table then the ball they throw on the wheel will bring rewards. 

Video Poker

Besides Blackjack, Video Poker is another profitable and interesting card game that is suitable for all the players in the casino. Since it also requires a lot of calculation skills both novice and advanced level gamblers take immense thrill in playing it. Video Poker has three variations inside the game. Players can pick any of the variants: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker before they press deal and set up their bets. They can also switch from one game to the other after each round. Players can fulfill the game's main goal by completing their hands with 5 cards that are well enough to beat the house. 


The game taken from the 1980s has become one of the most popular games of this modern age. Keeping the original design from Price is Right, CryptoGames added a few little modern touches to it. All four colors available for the game are displayed on the pyramid. On the pyramid, the players will also get to see the payout multipliers and the rewarding slots at the bottom side of the pyramid. CryptoGames’ Pilnko has four different house edges for all individual colors. Players can fulfill the main goal of the game if the ball they drop reaches a fruitful slot at the bottom. 


Keeping the concept of the original version, CryptoGames' Minesweeper is the most flexible game of the casino. It is also the easiest game that pays out well during the game. To fulfill the main goal of the game and to earn the full amount of the reward, players have to clear the entire minefield without activating any mine. If the players can clear a good amount of mine then they can end their games at any point and withdraw the amount they have collected. Minesweeper does not offer any additional hints or flags on the minefield. But the game allows the players to play the game on their own accord. This means the players are in full control of the difficulty level they play against. 


CryptoGames brought a redesigned take on the Dice game through DiceV2. Its modern architecture allows all players to enjoy the game from a new viewpoint. Players can fulfill the main goal of the game by making their prediction right and their dice roll on the green zone. The green zone is fixed on a slider bar which also customizes the settings of the bets. Simply moving the slider from one side to the other can increase or decrease the payout multiplier, winning chances, bet size. 


Unlike the rest of the games at the casino, Lottery has to be played using 4 specified cryptocurrencies. Players can buy their lottery tickets with Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. All players can buy any number of tickets from the “Purchase Tickets” tab. However, there is a specified number of tickets each player is allowed to buy which is 10000 lottery tickets per round. On the other hand, the total number of available tickets for each round is fixed to 50000. Winning tickets are drawn twice every week and the days depend on the cryptocurrencies used for buying the tickets.  

Jackpot Rewards

To increase the rewards, CryptoGames also brings jackpots for 3 games. In Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette, players have the chance to test their lucks for the jackpots. Winning jackpots motivates the players to form various strategies for their bets. The jackpots bear profitable prize amounts that vary for considering the cryptocurrencies and the games. The guidelines for winning jackpots can be found on the games’ home pages. 

CryptoGames offer API 

CryptoGames takes digital gambling to the next level by offering the use of API on their games. Although there is no guarantee that the use of API will increase winning chances, they can enhance your gambling experience as you will get to see and explore the modern systems for the games. To put the function to use, simply go to the “API” tab under “Your Account”. Then to the “Generate New Personal API Key” tab to generate a key. API keys have to be used during the initialization of the gambling application. To know more about the function, visit CryptoGames' BLOG where the function has been described in detail. 

Necessary Steps Taken for Security

For complete user privacy, CryptoGames players can find the protection of adequate security measures in their accounts. From the minute an account is created and is fully registered, the accounts are fully protected through SSL encryption and google 2FA features. With the protective measures, the chances of privacy invasion become very less to 0. This means withdrawal of funds by an outsider is nearly impossible without the account holder's permission. 

Fair Gambling

To offer fair gambling to all and to process the results of the games fairly,  impartial policies are enabled all over the casino. CryptoGames provides unbiased games for every player present in its casino. The casino offers various efficient ways to track and confirm a players bet results. With the use of hashes and seeds, players can check for themselves whether their bets were processed fairly or not. This is another way to meet the expectations of gamblers who seek fair results for their funds. On the website of the casino, there is a manual on how to check hashes and client seeds. If that isn’t convincing enough, then players can always check the data given at the bottom of each game. There they can find all the history for ongoing rounds.  

Extra Features for Better Gambling Experience

At CryptoGames, modern gamblers can expect to find creative and efficient features to keep up their gambling experience. Features like the Auto Bet, the Chatbox, the Smart Hold, and all the rewarding features are highly appreciated by many gamblers for their convenience. These features increase the value of the gambling experience without any additional cost. Chatbox feature is widely used at the casino for building a supportive community that not only uplifts each other but also ensures safe engagement of the players. The Chatbox also allows players to send cryptocurrencies to any other players on the casino. It can also be used to buy lottery tickets for each ongoing round. Consistent engagement in the chatbox also increases the player level of each account, which then helps the players to earn small rewards in Cryptocurrencies (from Rainbot) and Play Money rewards (from the faucet). The additional rewards motivate the players to keep up their performance in the casino by simply doing their regular activities. 

Betting Events and Their Rewards

CryptoGames hosts a creative betting contest every month to help the players increase their skills by playing against other gamblers. All players get to participate in the events with their cryptocurrencies. Play Money users don't qualify for the rewards. In the events, players can win various privileges and rewards that last for one month (until the next event). Winners or top players get to earn VIP tags for an entire month. VIP winners remain at the top of the leader board until the next monthly event takes place. VIP winners also get:

• Exclusive 0.8% house edge on each bet placed in the Dice game.

• No server delay while placing their bets. Even if the bet amount is small, there will be no server delay for an entire month. 

• All 10 crypto currencies can be exchanged with higher limits 

• Exclusive access to the VIP chatroom section where the winners are joined by the managers of CryptoGames.

• Gift vouchers worth profitable sum sent in their emails 

CryptoGames Pros

  • Great selection of games
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Additional altcoin support through ChangeNow instant exchange
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Promotions and Contests
  • VIP Program
  • Fast 24/7 Support
  • All games are provably fair
  • Integrated exchange system to swap between supported coins

CryptoGames Cons

  • No Fiat Deposit
  • No rakeback bonus
  • No Free Spins or Deposit Bonus
  • No external game providers
  • Only one slot


Regardless of their betting experience or skill level, CryptoGames opens its doors for every curious gambler at all times. Through the 9 games and 10 cryptocurrencies, the casino is on its way to bringing about a trustworthy system for modern gamblers. Their updated features and attributes also continue to enhance their services for the players. The casino also provides detailed information on the games, strategies, and even their system through BLOG and FORUM. Therefore, in the end, it can be said that CyrptoGames’ competent system is always ready to serve crypto gamblers from all around the world who are seeking a safe environment to engage in harmless crypto gambling. 

FAQ Section

What is CryptoGames?

CryptoGames is an online gambling site where you can play Dice, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper and Lottery. Anyone can gamble using various cryptocurrencies.

What are the minimum deposits or withdrawals limits?

Only fully registered users are able to make deposits.

The minimum deposits of each transaction are as follows:
0.0001 Bitcoin
0.01 Ether
0.01 Litecoin
0.001 Solana
0.02 Ether Classic
20 Dogecoin
0.01 Monero
0.001 Bitcoin Cash
0.01 Dash
0.02 GAS

Lower amounts will not be credited to your account.
The minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent.

What are the maximum withdrawal limits at CryptoGames?

At CryptoGames there is no maximum withdrawal limit.

Where can I learn more about CryptoGames?

A: You can learn more about CryptoGames through the following links:
BitcoinTalk ANN:

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