Dogecoin Casinos

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Win big with the best online Dogecoin casinos

They say money won is sweeter than money earned. And in gambling, you not only win money, but you also earn it too. With online casinos, your adventurous nature and risk-taking ability can earn you big money with a little bit of luck. Some casinos use fiat currency like the dollar and euro as their gambling token, but should you use it? 

The use of currencies regulated by financial institutions poses serious problems while gambling. The payouts are delayed, with verifications and cross verifications ruining the entire mood of the play. The government can easily track you and question you for every step of yours, even if they fall outside “illegal space”. Need we say more? 

Why you should use Dogecoin when you gamble?

Evidently, it is wiser to use crypto currency as your gambling token than regular money. With cryptocurrencies, settlements are instantaneous, safe and secure. They provide proof of work in the currency itself with use of blockchain technology. So, if you use a safe and trusted wallet and play only in secure and reliable casinos, there is no way you will lose your money. 

Dogecoin is the way to go

Now, among all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are most stable and well recognized. They are being more and more accepted in the mainstream but at a cost. The more they will be accepted in mainstream, there will be less volatility and there by less rewarding. 

Here, Dogecoin has a huge potential. It is already up by 1400% in this year itself and still has a long way to go due to its unlimited supply. While in day trading volumes, it is sometimes surpassing the likes of BTC and ETH, it may soon take over the top spot from BTC itself. So, winnings in Dogecoin are much more valuable than not only fiat money but also other cryptocurrencies. That way, you not only win, you win big. 

Is it legal?

Mostly, yes. Although it vastly depends on where you stay, the rules are not always clear. You should do a little bit of research regarding your country’s laws on gambling and use of cryptocurrency. If the laws don’t forbid it extensively, then in all probability it is legal and you will not get into any trouble. 

So, if gambling is not banned, crypto is not banned and you are of fair age, do go for it. 

How to choose the best Dogecoin casinos?

Choosing the best casinos for your gambling is a major task because your cryptocurrency’s safety and gambling’s reliability. We are choosing the best of the crypto casinos; those use Dogecoin as their payment of choice. We are considering these below mentioned 4 parameters, with which we will judge all the DOGE casinos. 

  • Reputation: 

This is undoubtedly the most important parameter. Follow the community, see reviews and connect with peers to know more about a Doge gambling site’s reputation. If something seems not legit, skip the entire site. 

  • Bonus:

Most of the Doge casinos offer generous bonus on deposit. Do look for them in the promotion page of the individual casino website. And look out for conditions. Don’t wager all your money just for a good bonus. Look for the best bonus available with your capacity of wager. 

  • Customer Support:

Customer support is also a huge factor. Once you wager money, the money is in the casino’s hands. So, make sure they are responsible with it and respond to any query or problem you face. 

  • Gameplay:

Casinos are supposed to be fun. DOGE roulette, DOGE blackjack are the most common games along with DOGE poker. Do have a look in the selection of games available in the DOGE casino before you sign up.  

Where to play

With hundreds of crypto casino websites all over the internet it is very natural to feel overwhelmed when selecting the best one. And due to the degree of anonymity associated with cryptocurrecy, it is not wise to trust all the casinos if you desire to play. There is simple solution. Head over to and choose from the best of online casinos. There you will find all the popular and reliable crypto casinos rated according to their gaming experience and payout rate. You can compare those casinos with each other, compare their joining bonuses and select the one you want to play in.  

Only the most reliable crypto casinos are listed in While all of them supports playing in casino with Bitcoin and Ethereum , a number of them supports Dogecoin too. Moreover, if you don’t have any cryptocurrency, you can directly purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum from them and play with it. Among the noted and best Dogecoin casinos, 7bit Casino is a top contender. Along with its flexibility in accepting Dogcoin, it offers smooth gameplay, generous payout rate and the highest degree of trust and reliability. 

However the Dogecoin casinos will require you to purchase some Dogecoin first and the join the game. Recently some casinos are giving you the option of acquiring Dogecoin on its site in exchange for Bitcoin and place your wager. 


Most of the crypto casinos including the Dogecoin casinos follow similar rules during gameplay. Initially you can play against the computer in a random game, which is totally unbiased. Later if more players join, the players can play against each other in randomized pattern. So, if you play good and you are lucky, you can win a lot of money in Dogecoin casinos. 

Get started with Dogecoin

Now that you have all the information to get started in the online casinos, it is time to jump right in. Read all the necessary instructions and rules of your selected casino and follow them stringently. But first, do acquire some Dogecoin as gambling token. Go to any reputed crypto exchange and get Dogecoin in exchange for cash or BTC or ETH. Once you get Dogecoin, you are ready to start any game in the Dogecoin casinos. And always remember, gamble responsively. Do not gamble all your money away. Play with only what you can afford. 

Wish you a huge luck and happy winning!