Bitcoin Slots

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Bitcoin Slots: Modern technology to win more

Looking back over the past decade, the remark is that the world is becoming more and more digital. This change has conquered many areas of human life, even the most influential. Today, even the trading currency is affected by its changes. The birth of bitcoin electronic money is clear proof of this. Since its creation, Bitcoin electronic money has gradually made a place for itself in the daily habits of men in Asia, then in America, the Middle East, Europe, then all over the world.

It is also encrusted in the field of games of chance, especially in online casinos. It is from this shift that the first bitcoin casino was born, thus condemning the game of online slots to a completely different digital future. Players use to get helped to get grips with this latest update to online gambling on this page. This is why, in the lines that follow, you will learn what you need to know about how slot machines work, before seeing the bitcoin casino review on the web, then you can see the reliability of the Provably Fair system, before completing the method of obtaining no deposit bonus at a bitcoin casino.

All about how bitcoin slot work

Slots are one of the easiest sources of profit, within the gaming industry, for casinos both online and offline. Since it was established as one of the games that capture the most attention from players and maintains a strong fan base, this type of game has become more exciting and easier to play with bitcoins. Bitcoin slots are not at all different from conventional slots. The only thing that made this game unique and more exciting is that it is played using bitcoins. This way, players have access to new advantages inherent to this type of payment.

The slot machine is the most popular and entertaining game in bitcoin casinos. In these online casinos as well as in the best non-bitcoin casinos, you will find an array of slot machines, all easy to use and equipped with breathtaking graphics. Classics from 1 to 40 lines, 3D, Marvel action machines, themed, and many more. In the progressive ones, you will find machines paying the maximum, with bitcoin jackpots of up to 4 digits and transforming the destiny of the players. Play with bitcoins to enjoy the quick payouts, fun, and thrills the slot machine offers you and win massive prizes.

Investors have found a quick source of income in Bitcoin. It is said that Bitcoin is the currency of the future because no bank intervenes and it is possible to exchange it in any of the currencies, an advantage to be able to compare and sell Bitcoin from home, since there are countless brokers and it is simple.

This ease is what has made Bitcoin be everywhere, it has even reached online casinos. Bitcoin is an old friend of the online casino, in fact he was one of the first who saw the usefulness of this digital currency, and he started using this cryptocurrency option in his payment options catalogs, it is a very smart move on the part of online casinos, since carrying out your operations with this digital currency is a good and safe way to play slots, which have become so fashionable, since it is not necessary to give your bank details over the internet, which it can give a lot of security to players who are still reluctant to play on an online platform.

The advantages of playing Bitcoin casino slots are many that are mentioned before, they are very fashionable, in part because of the great prizes that Bitcoin casino slots have as a reward, more than traditional slots. In addition, another advantage that should be noted with Bitcoins casino slots is the fact that they have special bonuses, for paying with this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin casinos are being much more profitable than other online casinos.

The casino games do not change, what change are the prizes and the offers or promotions. The spins or free spins or spins on the Bitcoin casino slots are the same, but the prize to be won is much higher. It is also a good way to earn Bitcoins by playing. Making money is much easier in these Bitcoin casino games, but if it is been added to it this ease and speed that you can win money in casino games like slots, the options of playing Bitcoin casino slots become even more attractive.

It is usually the most attractive bonus, even when Bitcoin makes its appearance, and both the Bitcoin online casino and the player get more advantages.

Features of slots for bitcoin

As already mentioned, in comparison with other gambling games, slots provide maximum variety in terms of gameplay. This also applies to Bitcoin slots, with a few nuances. For more experienced players, many points will seem obvious (although they can learn something new for themselves), but for beginners, this information will definitely be useful.

Cryptocurrency deposits

If a crypto casino offers slots from independent manufacturers (NetEnt, Microgaming, Endorphina, etc.), most likely the player’s balance and bet information will be displayed in dollars/euros/rubles, regardless of the cryptocurrency in which the deposit was made. The reason for this is extremely simple: slot developers have not yet optimized their development for cryptocurrency, which is actually more complicated than it might seem at first glance. However, there is no reason for concern, because experienced casinos have taken care of converting crypto from user deposits into regular currency in order to provide players with the opportunity to play any slot machines using cryptocurrency.

The same applies to bonuses for Bitcoin slots: for example, if the casino offer looks like “100% (up to 1 BTC) on the first deposit and 100 free spins”, then this bonus is available in the equivalent of any other accepted casino cryptocurrency in which the deposit is made.


Some newbies, playing the new slot, surprise why the right symbols appear to have left out, but the winnings not have been credited. Different slots can have a different number of paylines (paylines). A winning line is a certain “pattern” of symbols that must be formed by the reels of the slot after the rotation. Most of the slots have 244 – 9 pay lines. Information regarding this for every single exact slot can be observed in its info panel. By the way, more often than not, the fewer lines, the more winnings each of them gives, but this already touches on such a topic as volatility.


Some slots allow the player to win almost every spin, but they do not “sleep” a lot, while in others the winnings can be seen much less often, but when it comes to it, the amount will be significant. And it’s not just luck, but the mathematical algorithms of each slot machine, and this property is called volatility.

There are slots with three types of volatility: high, medium and low. In slots with high volatility, a winning combination appears quite rarely, but when it does happen, the amount of winning can be pleasantly surprised. If the game has low volatility, the player can observe winning combinations every 3-4 spins, but the amount will most often be insignificant. It is quite obvious that medium-volatile slots are somewhere in the middle.

There is no more reliable way to find out the volatility of a particular slot than to play it (you can even use a demo game), but often high volatility games have fewer paylines and vice versa. By the way, many experienced players also call this variance in slots – as it is more convenient for anyone.

Get to know the provably fair Bitcoin games available, roulette, slots, and much more

Online casino game developers are already developing special Bitcoin casino slot game, as is the case with Endorphina game software publishers, always at the forefront and being among the first in casino to develop a Bitcoin casino slot machine, completely novel and fun. This Bitcoin casino slot is called Satoshi’s Secrret.

Satoshi’s Secret, wants to pay tribute to the creator of the cryptocurrency or digital currency Bitcoin, since the pseudonym of which the creator of Bitcoin is believed is called Satoshi Nakamoto. And it’s about a hacker who tries to loot the banking systems of the entire planet, finding out the passwords of all the systems, and you are going to accompany him on that adventure.

Winning Bitcoin playing in Bitcoin casino slots is very simple, if you are a lover of this game of chance and also Bitcoin seems a good way to invest and win Bitcoins by playing and having a great time, this option is the most appropriate. The Bitcoin casino bonus will give you the opportunity to have more money in your player profile, which will give you more time, and more time means having more opportunities to make one or more winning games and take the bitcoins to House.

Get a bonus without an additional Bitcoin deposit, and get more game credit with which you can win double

The bonuses are available at any of the Bitcoin casinos you are going to play at. You will be guided through the bitcoin website to find the best Bitcoin casino slot games and the best casinos, where the payout is higher and the promotions and bonuses of Bitcoin casinos are higher. The welcome bonus for your first deposit is much more attractive in a Bitcoin casino, because it is added the additional bonus for playing in Bitcoin. So if you add everything up, the best option is to play in the slots, better payout, bonuses until madness, spins, better conditions, and everything of course on the Bitcoin casino website.

If you get tired of casino Bitcoin slots, you can always try the games live or direct, if you are an adrenaline lover, you can feel the excitement of playing live but with the tranquility of playing from home. But from the point of view of more profit-making, it is recommended the Bitcoin casino slots, since the coins appear in almost every spin or spin, and you will see how with each bet your winnings and payments increase in the Bitcoin casino slots.

It is a new system that has revolutionized the sector and is a good way to make money in a simple and accessible way for all users. Opening your account at an online Bitcoin casino is straightforward and is a great opportunity to make good money and play the most modern Bitcoin casino slot games with impressive technology. The casino Bitcoin slot games have modern, state-of-the-art software with animations and 3D graphics with which it is wonderful to play, as the gaming experience in these Bitcoin casino slots is intensified, as many games use the same technology if they were a video game, the most modern.

People have not stopped responding in the writing about which Bitcoin casino slot game is better or which Bitcoin casino is more profitable to play, the payments are an aspect to take into account but so is the fun it provides and the quality of its games casino games and Bitcoin no deposit bonuses. This has been talked before about welcome bonuses and promotions, but not about the Bitcoin no deposit bonuses, which you can get to try out the Bitcoin casino and its Bitcoin casino slot games, without having to make a prior deposit, which it is a real advantage.

Throughout this guide, you will get to know where to get the best Bitcoin no deposit bonuses and probably fair Bitcoin games. It is very important to find a safe and fair casino and that their games have a policy of probably fair Bitcoin games, since this will give you the security to focus only on your game, to win more even with the Bitcoin no deposit bonuses and with the prizes of the casino bitcoins slots.

Play from your mobile, wherever you are, however you want and whenever you want thanks to the mobile app casinos Bitcoin

It is possible to play Bitcoin slots from your mobile devices since most Bitcoin casinos have developed a Bitcoin casino mobile app with which you can play your favorite games from wherever you want. All the Bitcoin slots available in your pocket for when you want to play, there are no time or place limits, with your Tablet, or your boyfriend you can play and win in your free slot games and even get a bonus of a percentage up to an amount that the Bitcoin online casino tells you on its website.

The bitcoin slots also allow you to play the slot games that you would see in an online casino, but placing your bets in the Bitcoin currency, taking home a bonus to play extra thanks to Bitcoin.

Other probably fair Bitcoin games could be roulette, bitcasino poker, where there are also prizes but not comparable to a Bitcoin casino slot machine. You can download the mobile app Bitcoin casinos totally free and you only need an internet connection. Do not miss the following recommended articles in which we are going to keep you will get up to date information on online casinos with provably fair Bitcoin games, how to get your Bitcoin no deposit bonus with which you can get my game credit and as it has mentioned before, more chances of having more winning games.

The operation of a Bitcoin casino slot machine is exactly the same as an online slot that you have supposedly played, you just have to press the spin button and get the figures that will make you win more money or in this Bitcoin casino. Bitcoin casino slots and online slots usually all have up to 5 reels and several pay lines. The more pay lines, the more chances of winning you have. And you can also use your free spins bonus or free spins, with which you will have more advantages than other players and you can win more bitcoins.

Get more advantages thanks to a free Bitcoin casino, do not be the last to know all the virtues

The good news is that by being able to play online casino games but with bitcoin, you can invest in the slots with the most prizes or jackpot such as the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming in which the prize is usually millions of euros, in fact, It is the slot most sought after by players due to the incredible prizes it always presents with its progressive jackpot, which keeps growing and growing as players place a bet on this game. There are many Bitcoin casinos that have this game and many others from Microgaming with brutal prizes, but by playing as if it were a Bitcoin casino slot, you can count on the Bitcoin no deposit bonus or other bonuses that the casino rewards the players that use as a method of payment this means.

All the players who have tried playing the Bitcoin casino slot have repeated, as it certainly has more advantages than if you played with any other payment method. Many online or banking payment methods have a series of commissions that with Bitcoin, you save, and also you do not pay taxes for the gains in Bitcoin since it is not yet fully regulated, soon governments will begin to regulate Bitcoin, and you will have lost your chance to win big for as long as you could.

You have to take advantage of the opportunities now when they present themselves, and playing in the Bitcoin casino slots, while it is still profitable is one of the best ideas that online casinos have been able to have, since this way, the player and the casino win.

Why play Bitcoin Slots?

The rules are clear and simple

As it is mentioned in the points above, slots that can be played with bitcoins are no different from conventional slots: thus, the rules of this casino game are as simple and easy to understand as in conventional slots. The main objective of this game is to hit a certain type of pattern and / or combination of symbols in that slot. You just have to bet on a roll of the reels in the slot and wait for you to hit the winning combination. There is also the possibility to choose a number of lines on which you want to play. By doing this, you indicate how many lines you want to play, and of course, the more lines you choose, the more chances you have of winning.

In Specific Country Restrictions and Complete Anonymity

If you are a big fan of playing in slots but you end up being disappointed to find that several online casinos do not accept players from your country, then Bitcoin Slots are the answer for you. This being a Bitcoin game, there are no third parties involved in the transactions that are conducted: the result is that you can always play in slots using bitcoins wherever you are.

As the currency/currency used in this game is bitcoins, most Bitcoin casinos do not require you to register or create an account. So, you don’t have to fill out forms where you would provide personal and sensitive information. This way you can continue to win and enjoy the game in Bitcoin Slots while keeping your information completely private.

Strategies and advice for a guaranteed victory

When you think of slots, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you have no control over this game and that it just depends on luck. However, there are several pieces of advice that, if you follow them, will help you ensure that you win.

First, you need to choose to play slots with payouts ranging from 95% to 99%. Then you must play with high or the maximum amount of bitcoins available to you. You will notice that the tables where players bet the highest are also the ones that end up winning the most. Thirdly, you must change slots from time to time. If a slot you are in has already paid a big payout, it will probably (but not necessarily) take some time to give the next one. Lastly, you must know when to stop. It is always good to know your own limits and understand when you have managed to raise a good amount of bitcoins for your wallet.